JTF Board Meeting

January 27, 2003

6:00 p.m.



  1. Recognition of a Quorum


  1. Approval of minutes: Meeting of November 25th, 2002.


  1. Chairís Report

Action Item:†† Nomination of new board member, Scott Belser


  1. Directorís Report

1.       California Japantowns Preservation Committee January 24th meeting

2.       Japan Center Garage Contract

3.       Litter Hawk photo shoot February 7th

4.       Budget/New Bank Account


  1. Presentation from Frank Lee, DPW


  1. Committee Reports

1. Communication Committee

2. Cultural and Historical Preservation Committee

3. Health and Safety Committee

-          Alan Woolman (update on rape in NPC parking lot)

4.       Economic and Business Development Committee

5.       Fundraising Committee

6.       Personnel Committee

7.       Finance Committee

8.       Search Committee


G.     Other Business and Announcements