JTF, Inc. Board Meeting

1765 Sutter Street, Conference Room

6 p.m., April 22, 2002





A.                 Approval of minutes: Meeting of March 4th, 2002


B.                 Staff Report ­­­– Chris                                                                          

1.      JCCCNC/JTF Meeting

2.      Cherry Blossom Booth

3.      Redistricting

4.      Bone-Marrow testing

5.      National CAPACD Conference May 19-21, 2002

6.      Office Management




C.                 Chair’s Report – Jeff

1.      Japan Center Garage Corporation Lease

2.      Three Japantowns and Proposition 40

3.      Board of Supervisors Meeting re: Redevelopment Agency


D.                Committee Reports

1.   Fundraising Committee: Pat informed the group about a joint proposal that the Task Force and Merchant’s Association submitted to the Neighborhood Beautification Fund. The request was for $40,000 to purchase a street cleaning machine and provide part-time staffing to pick up and remove graffiti to be used for entire Japantown neighborhood.


2.      Search Committee: Caryl reported that the Search Committee is ready to make an offer to a candidate for the Executive Director position.


3.   Communications Committee: Roz noted that they (NJAHS) will do a manga show in the fall. Tak Onishi of Japan Video also wanted some museum space for manga and Caryl suggested talking to Roz about this.

a.       Cherry Blossom

b.      Website

c.       Database


3.      Nominations Committee: Jeff will be meeting with Commissioner Pak to help recruit some Korean business/residence in the area. She will be giving names. Jeff also knows someone else who is interested – Vivian Williams will be moving back to San Francisco living at Buchanan and Bush. Have been in Japantown for three generations. Father a retired police officer, did a lot of community mental health work in area and currently in Juvenal Hall. Willing to sit on board and well connected to the African American community. Jeff thinks there will be names for next month. Chris also announced there are proposed advisory members (names in the notes), and Danny Kunihara is on the advisory board. Jeff announced names of interested individuals – Shunichi Seino is vice-president of Kinokuniya Bookstores, Charlie Morimoto was administrator with Department of Public Health and Reverend Richard Grange of Konko Church. Chris felt that the board should formalize relationship with Advisory committee, especially for the dedicated members that come every month. She spoke with Daryl Higashi who suggested a letter acknowledging what relationship they have with us and perhaps appointing someone to be chair of the advisory committee. David asked to refer this to executive committee to try to develop process for this. Jeff said there is a six-month timetable to build infrastructure piece on corporate papers and funding stuff and other issues. Jeff said we are ahead of schedule and will talk in the executive committee how we can bring people in. Question of whether the advisory committee has been informed of what has been happening was brought forth. Caryl responded that there had been a targeted outreach at meeting talking about economic impact. Chris also added that information is routed to them, but there is nothing formal. Sheila suggested that past notes, agendas, etc. may be good to send to the advisory committee in order for them to be aware of what is happening. Caryl asked if they are informed about meetings. It was confirmed that the advisory committee is informed of meetings. Roz clarified that by formalizing would prevent from losing members. Jeff asked whether the group is in favor of accepting the three members. Caryl moves motion. David seconds motion. Sheila asked if there is a cap on the number of advisory members that Task Force can have. Some of the group said no. All in favor of accepting the individuals as members of the advisory board.



4.      Program Committee: Caryl asked if Shirley had any idea of public hearings regarding the 1600 Webster Street site. Shirley does not have the dates, but asked Gary Gee by e-mail. Architect Gary Gee would not be able to present earlier than April 5. Now that it is April 20 still waiting to hear what is going on. SFRA architects working with them because we felt it is a very important corner and that any project at that site will make a statement. Shirley said that demolition permit is in SFRA office to take down building. Got a call from Chris Hirano asking if SFRA received demolition permit, at that time did not, but put her on alert and was on way over and shortly received it afterwards. Believed that it was signed off on it, but Hirano wanted to know on behalf of community if could appeal it. Must go through Board of Appeals, which McInerney sits on. Hoping to have a meeting within two weeks, as promised held at JCCCNC. Caryl said that two meetings ago, asked to have Tak set up meeting with McInerney and have more nonpublic with him in terms of where they are at. Perhaps have some communication with Gary Gee to talk to what community suggest. Shirley says that architect has the lead on getting the design and the proposal, so that’s leading right along. It would be nice to have what the design would look like. Design would be conditionally approved – subject to choosing colors that will be used and certain other esthetics. Roz asked if Gary Gee had done other condo projects in the City. Some members of the group said that he does modern-type work. Caryl think Gary Gee is approachable, futuristic. Roz not sure what his design is. Jeff asked that they will not conduct hearing until the agency pretty much have what the design looks like. Shirley responded not necessarily since things change, but if there is some shape that feels could be moved to the commission. There is still design work that continues beyond commission. With all new legislation what has to be required, so forth, Caryl asked how it may affect project. Shirley says there is a policy that applies to those developers that purchased property from the agency. Technically purchased property from agency through private party. If developer not asking for concession or variances, don’t have that. There is concern for providing some affordability and those discussion should be taking place. Chris asked what the policy for those who purchase agency land, affordability and certificate holder stipulation. Shirley said 10% affordability. David responded not on private property. Shirley said that if tell private property that there are certificate holders and if they could outreach to them, but can’t force because not own property. Developers sometimes favor this. Chris said that Tak, Ernie and herself were able to meet with Rod Hemny and going through documents floor by floor. Will come up with documents on the notes that were discussed at the meeting. Chris explains the plan to the group.  Shirley said that later down the road, they would bring in colors, etc. Jeff said that they should let the public know about the plans and could come to the office to review it. David also suggested that they should also let people know timeline if there is going to be a review process. Jeff said that we take a look at it and have committee make recommendation to it, but also prior to time RDA is going to have a meeting, should let public see the plans. Board members and advisory members should review within week, two weeks before public hearing and let public know to come to take look at the plans. Shirley will let us know of meeting. Chris concerned about just having plans out there, ways of getting community input and distraction of community input. Wanted to meet with Daryl Higashi to see what is from programming point of view we should think about. Jeff said there is so far we could take it by viewing it and having dialogue. Caryl asked if Rod available to meet with Gary Gee before public hearing. Chris said no.


5.   Finance Committee: No report.


E.                 Other Business           and Announcements

1.      American Planning Association Conference in Chicago (scratched because Judi not here) – Caryl asked if Judi could write an article for the press to publish in the paper.

2.      Proposed Bike Lane along Post Street: Back again. Caryl reported that when repave Post Street, want to eliminate one lane and have bike lanes. From Presidio to Gough on Post Street. Proposing a trial bike lane. All merchants should have been notified, letter not sure who this was sent to. Address traffic flow and pedestrian safety. Concern with cars also coming out of the garage. Need to talk to Gonzalez to talk about this, but aids saying they did not know about repaving. Letter to DPT needs to be sent that not approve this, and that Task Force exist because not getting any communications. Merchants are very concerned, according to Shirley. She suggested that we should talk to Olivia Swilley because she could follow up with this. Announced that new director is Ron Vincent.

3.      Japanese American Journalism Conference – Sponsorship Request