JTF Board Meeting

September 23, 2002

6:00 p.m.




A.                 Recognition of a Quorum


B.                 Approval of minutes: Meeting of August 26, 2002.


C.                 Presentation from Captain Cashman, SFPD, Northern Station


D.††††††† Proposition B-Affordable Housing Bond Presentation


E.                  Chairís Report

1.       Board Retreat (11/02/02)

2.       Conflict of Interest Clause Draft

3.       D & O Insurance

4.       SFRA Commission (9/24/02)


F.                  Staff Report

1.       Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board

2.       IRS Filing

3.       RUCKUS-Self Defense class


G.                 Committee Reports

1.†† Communications Committee

a.       JTF Newsletter

b.       Database

c.       Mapping Project

d.       Signage


2.       Finance Committee

a.       Fiscal Year 2002-03 Budget


H.                 Other Business and Announcements

1.       Website Calendar