JTF Board Meeting

October 28, 2002

6:00 p.m.




A.                 Recognition of a Quorum


B.                 Approval of minutes: Meeting of September 23rd, 2002.


C.                 Proposition B-“No” Presentation-Janan New


D.                 Presentation from Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board President, Tim Kelley


E.                  Chair’s Report

1.       Board Retreat (11/02/02)

2.       Fundraising Committee

3.       Ben Kobashigawa’s application for advisory board


F.                  Staff Report

1.       Japan Center Garage Corp. Contract Update

a.       Budget

b.       Signage

2.       Extension of AFRA Contract to December 1st, 2002

3.       D & O Insurance

4.       501 (c) 3 filing status

5.       Update on 1600 Webster


G.                 Committee Reports

1.   Communication Committee


H.                 Other Business and Announcements