JTF Board Meeting

August 25, 2003 @ 6:00 p.m.

1765 Sutter St.



Attendees: Scott Belser, Rosalyn Tonai, David Ishida, Caryl Ito, Mark Moriguchi, Jeff Mori, Benh Nakajo, Sandy Mori (advisory), JK Yamamoto (advisory), Linda Jofuku (staff), Ernie Yoshikawa (staff).

Excused: Sheila Chung, Seiko Fujimoto, Colin Gomez, Tak Matsuba, Jon Osaki.

Absent: Doug Dawkins, Bob Otsuka, Pat Shiono.


Since quorum was not established, voting items including the approval of minutes and request for orei was conducted over email.


A.    Chairís Report


1.      Unveiling of Japantown Signs


The new directional signs to Japantown were unveiled August 13, 2003.Many merchants, community members, city departments, and nonprofits were present, in addition to Mayor Brown, Supervisor Gonzalez, and Consul General Nakamura and others.It is hoped that the installation of the signs will bring greater visibility and traffic to the Japantown neighborhood.Linda also reports that there was a significant amount of radio coverage.


2.      Meeting of the Advisory Board 9/3/03


B.      Directorís Report


1.      Update on SB307 Application


Linda has been in communication with Parks and Rec and City Planning, who just received the resolution passed by the Board of Supervisors.†† The issue however, is complicated by the fact that SB307 states that the money goes to the city although the language of the resolution states that the funds will go straight to the Task Force.In San Jose and Los Angeles, the funds are going through their respective redevelopment agencies.David was under the impression that the Task Force had in the past decided to go through the Redevelopment Agency.

Jeff reports that Linda and him had met with SFRA Director Marcia Rosen and Deputy Director Leamon Abrahms, regarding funding opportunities for the Task Force.Marcia did state that she would entertain a proposal from the Task Force, although the JTF is not currently in their budget.


2.      Walkthrough with DPW


The Task Force, JCGC, and Kintetsu met with DPW to discuss the removal of the middle row of trees from the Peace Plaza to be transferred to the Buchanan Mall and opposite end of the Pace Plaza.However, there are concerns that the trees may not survive the transplantation.It was decided that the transplantation would take place in November, and that the broken tiles will be replaced, the plaza steam cleaned and then sealed, electrical system fixed, light bulbs replaced, and regular cleanings scheduled for the south side of the plaza.DPW also urged that merchants use the side ramps for all deliveries so as not to incur further damage to the tiles


3.      Signage: Street Signs and Directional Signs


Linda reports that the installation of the directional signs are moving forward and the street signs have yet to be fabricated.


4.      Painting of Peace Pagoda


In collaboration with the JCGC and DPW, the Task Force is working to get Boy Scouts from Troop 29 to re-paint the base of the Pagoda.


5.      Nihonmachi Street Fair


Linda thanks all the board and advisory board members who were able to join the staff at the Task Force booth.The Task Force booth was quite successful as a significant amount of information was distributed and contacts made with other organizations and residents.


6.      Request for Orei (Pine UMC & Konko)


C.    Committee Reports


1. Communications Committee: The communications committee is continuing its work on updating the marketing plan and working with the SFCVB to promote Japantown.

2.†† Cultural and Historical Preservation Committee: Ros reports that the preservation committee is continuing to revise the historic context statement.Tim has placed the statement on the agenda for approval on September 3rd, 2003.

3.†† Business and Economic Development Committee: Linda reports that the Task Force has to work with the Merchants Association to decide on where to put the Japantown banners.

4.†† Health and Safety: Benh reports that the Nichi Bei Times published in the Japanese section of their newspaper an article on Kiyo and Wayne as requested by the committee.Regarding the past Bike Coalition meeting, Linda reports that all speakers spoke against a bicycle lane on Post St.††


D.     Other Business and Announcements:


1.      Kokoro Grand Opening Gala September 12th from 7:00-10:00pm

2.      All Camps Summit: August 28-29 2003 10:00am-5:00pm @ 455 Golden Gate Ave, Civic Center, San Francisco.


E.      Next Meeting:


Board: Monday, September 22 @ 6:00