JTF, Inc. Board Meeting

1765 Sutter Street, Conference Room

September 23rd, 2002 at 6 -8:30 p.m.



Attendees:     Doug Dawkins, Seiko Fujimoto, Colin Gomez, Judy Hamaguchi, David Ishida, Caryl Ito, Mark Moriguchi, Tak Matsuba, Benh Nakajo, Pat Shiono


Guests:     Sandy Mori (advisory), Kathy Reyes (advisory), JK Yamamoto (advisory), Rose Oda, Flo Yamada, Shirley Wysinger (SFRA), Robert Costa (SFRA), Adam Kruggel (SFOP), Capt. Cashman (SFPD Northern), Officer Kiyo Kanamori (SFPD Northern)


Excused:  Sheila Chung, Jeff Mori, Jon Osaki, Bob Otsuka


Absent:     Mariko Watanabe



A.  Recognition of Quorum


B.   Presentation by Captain Cashman, SFPD Northern Station

Captain Cashman, of SFPD Northern Station, states that the department is committed to community policing, in which the community sets the priorities of the police department.  Linda is concerned that there are a fair amount of crimes being committed at night, when Command Security and SFPD officers are not present.  Capt. Cashman responds that the SFPD deploys officers proportionate to the number of crimes committed, and reaffirms that most of the auto boostings occur between 4:00pm and 10:00pm in the garage areas.  In addition, he adds that reporting crimes are the best thing to do to address these issues.  Benh and Tak also emphasize the need to increase and better communication between the SFPD and Command Security.  Benh also reports seeing general vandalism throughout the Buchanan mall area, which seems to also occur at night.  If individuals want to report anything that concerns them that is not an emergency, they can call 415.553.0123.


C.  Approval of minutes: Minutes of August 26th, 2002 approved as submitted


D.  Proposition B: Affordable Housing Bond Presentation

Adam Kruggel is from San Francisco Organizing Project, which supports Proposition B and is a federation of approximately 40 congregations.  The intent of Proposition B is to make living in San Francisco a more affordable place to live.  Dedicates 250 million dollars to the construction of single-family homes for first time homebuyers, with money dedicated to help people purchase existing homes and build affordable rental housing. 


E.   Chair’s Report


Board Retreat:

      Jan Masaoka, executive director of Compasspoint has agreed to volunteer as facilitator once again for the Task Force retreat which is tentatively set for November 2nd from approximately 12:00pm-4:00pm.  Staff will check with absent board members to finalize the date and time for the retreat.


Amendment to Bylaws -Addition of Conflict of Interest Clause & Communication through Committees:

Linda worked on a second draft of an amendment, which board members should go over, and should they have any questions or problems with it, should contact her before the next meeting, so action can be taken by the next meeting.


D&O Insurance;

Since the JTF has become incorporated and is applying for 501(c)3 status, it is no longer covered by JCYC’s D&O insurance, so the Task Force needs its own insurance.  It costs approximately $1,600 a year for 1 million dollars in insurance.  


Motion passed to have staff conduct research so that the Task Force can receive bids from insurance companies, which can be added to operating expenses.


SFRA Commission:

The JTF is requesting an amendment of the current budget with the SFRA and to extend the personnel services contract with them for two months in order to complete certain items.  Shirley and Linda both stress the importance of having board members present, regardless of the fact that the item is on consent agenda.  


F.   Staff Report


Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board:

Last Week JTF staff members attended the LPAB meeting at JCCCNC, and were disturbed that they were considering the Hokubei and Kinmon Gakuen buildings for landmark status without notifying their owners and occupants.  According to LPAB documents, it is stated that NJAHS will be writing the designations, although Jerry Takano, the author of the historical context, reports that NJAHS was not aware of this.  Sandy states that the community has to be very careful in designating historical sites, as it impacts on how it can be used in the future.  Tim Kelley has been invited to attend the next board meeting, as well as representatives from Kinmon Gakuen and Hokubei Mainichi.  Caryl suggests formally inviting the president of the board of the Hokubei as well as Mrs. Mihara and her lawyer to the next meeting. 


IRS Filing

Dean Ito Taylor of APILO has volunteered pro bono services to look at the JTF’s application to the IRS for the 501(c) 3 application.


RUCKUS Self Defense Class

RUCKUS is a grassroots nonprofit that provides one day self defense classes for Asian women.  Bilingual staff will be on hand, and fees are based on a sliding scale.  Given the recent crimes, it would be beneficial to work with them.  Chris will be meeting with them this Wednesday to discuss holding a class possibly at Hinode Towers, and is thinking of doing a collection to sponsor those who may not be able to afford it.


G.  Committee Reports


Finance - Mark

Bob Otsuka put together the Task Force budget, which is prepared to be approved by the board.  JTF Staff will be attending a meeting to find out whether AB716 monies might be available for the Task Force.  As for SB307 funds, the Task Force has formally submitted a letter of intent to apply for the monies, but that remains in Sup. Gonzalez’s office.  David requests that, within the month, the board members receive a package that explains the detail sheets from the summary level, so that the board may review it.  Pat suggested adding a line under capital expenditures, stating “$30,000”.


Motion passed to adopt the budget for the Japantown Task Force, Inc. 2002-2003 with two voting “No”.


      Communications Committee - Seiko

Included in board members packets are descriptions of what the committee has been working on, including the website and the newsletter, among other items. 



H.   Other Business and Announcements


1.   Jeff Mori will be honored by the Richmond District Neighborhood Center on October 17th at the Presidio Golf Club. 

2.   SPUR will be holding its annual luncheon on November 4th

3.   Caryl adds that the Bicycle Coalition was collecting names to lobby DPT to re-consider looking at Post St. for the addition of a bicycle lane.  The community can circulate it’s own petitions.

4.   Judy Hamaguchi reports that Rosalyn will be returning from maternity leave on October 1st, and thanks the Task Force for welcoming her.

5.   It’s Chris’ birthday!

6.   Next meeting is October 22nd, 2002 at 6pm.