JTF, Inc. Board Meeting

1765 Sutter Street, Conference Room

November 25, 2002 at 6 -8:30 p.m.



Attendees:†††† Sheila Chung, Doug Dawkins, Seiko Fujimoto, Colin Gomez, David Ishida, Caryl Ito, Jeff Mori, Mark Moriguchi, Tak Matsuba, Benh Nakajo, Rosalyn Tonai, Linda Jofuku, Chris Durazo, Ernie Yoshikawa and Takeno Chiyo


Guests:†††† Shirley Wysinger (San Francisco Redevelopment Agency), Olivia Swilley (Mayorís office), Chief Earl Sanders (SFPD), Captain Kevin Cashman (SFPD), Inspector Holly Pera (SFPD) and Inspector Joseph Toomey (SFPD), Inspector Lloyd Lew (SFPD), Officer Kiyotaka Kanamori (SFPD), JK Yamamoto (advisory), Kenji Taguma (advisory), Judy Hamaguchi (NJAHS), Lucy Kishiue (JACL), James Winchell (President, Command Security), Flo Yamada, Hwang Daeho (Nan), Jayne Tanabe, Geri Handa (advisory), Shoji Horikoshi, Greg Yee, Allen M. Okamoto, Masao Ashizawa Furlishous Wyatt (SF SAFE, Inc.), Rumi Okabe, Maki Miyata (Nichi Bei Times), Annie Jong, Vicky Fang (Umeko Restaurant), Meiling Fang (Umeko), Lisa Fang (Kabuki), Tim Yamamura (Nichi Bei Times)


Excused:Jon Osaki, Pat Shiono, Mariko Watanabe


Absent: ††† Bob Otsuka



A.Recognition of Quorum at 6:10pm


B.†† Discussion of Public Safety Issues and recent homicide- Police Chief, Earl Sanders and Captain Kevin Cashman, Inspector Holly Pera and Inspector Joseph Toomey.

Police Chief Sanders introduced himself and the attending police officers. He emphasized the Departmentís commitment to work with us to provide adequate community policing. Captain Kevin Cashman gave updates on the recent homicide of Security Officer Tony Chan. They have increased security in the neighborhood around the hours of 11pm-3am during the holiday season and encouraged J-town residents and merchants to let the police know about all crimes they have witnessed/experienced. They explained that the more incidents that are called allow them to increase the frequency of patrols in our area. Inspector Pera and Inspector Toomey stated that a witness saw a man with dark hair in the parking lot but could not give d definitive description due to the poor lighting in that area.Inspector Pera encouraged anyone with information regarding the recent murder to call 553-1263 and speak with her confidentially.


C.Update of 1600 Webster Street-John McInerney and S. Scheinholtz, Anasazi Properties

1600 Webster Developer, John McInerney provides update on the demolition process. They will continue the demolition for another two weeks. Noise will end after that period. Judy Hamaguchi expressed concern over the smell that filled the neighborhood during that time. She shared her appreciation that the Task Force sought to contact someone within the City to determine where the smell was coming from and how it could be stopped. McInerney left contact information for his demolition manager and asked the Task Force to contact the site directly with any concerns the community may have in the future. McInerney also stated that he would provide updated construction schedules to the Task Force. Linda Jofuku will be the main contact.


D.Approval of minutes: Minutes of October 28, 2002 approved as submitted


E.†† Chairís Report -Jeff


New Committees:

Jeff presented the description of the new committee structure and asked board members to sign up for at least one committee each. The new committees included Health & Safety and Cultural & Historical Preservation. The continuing committees will be Personnel, Executive, Finance, Fundraising, Communications & Marketing, and Economic & Business Development. Committee sign up sheets were circulated for board participation.


G.Directorís Report -Linda


D & O Insurance:

We have secured D & O Insurance through Great American Insurance Co.


501 (c) 3 filing status:

We have received our 501(c) 3 nonprofit designation, retroactive to June 15th, 2001.


Board Resumes

We need to start compiling board resumes for funding purposes.


Update on Prop 40 and Update on SB 307

One million dollars was set-aside for the three J-towns in Proposition 40.Regarding SB307, San Francisco is the only city that has not applied for the funding yet, although the monies have been encumbered. All funding will be affected by the State budget outcomes.


H.†† Other Business and Announcements

††††† Kimochi, Inc. will hold their Silver Bells festival this weekend. This will kick off the Japantown Merchants Association Year-end Festival and Gara Gara Drawing. Please see the calendar of events posted online at www.jtowntaskforce.org for more details.